Buenakolo Outlaw Race

Stoked.  Psyched.  Juiced. Gnarly. However which way you describe the "event" that happened yesterday, February 13, 2016 at Brgy. Rizal in Buenavista, ADN, everybody present had one hell of a good time! I was kinda apprehensive at first as the weather was bent on dampening the mood with early morning showers that lasted until 11am. […] <<Click here to Read More>>



Landscapes thumbnail

I just came back from Manila to take care of some paper works.  As I may have mentioned (not sure) in some of my posts here, I am now 80% based in the province, which is awesome.  Manila is still, well Manila.  Synonymous with traffic jams and commercialization.  It is still a necessary evil for […] <<Click here to Read More>>


Lianga, Surigao Del Sur Roadtrip

Lianga, Surigao Del Sur Roadtrip thumbnail

The best roadtrip, in my experience, is one that isn't planned.  My most memorable ones are those hatched while getting drunk, and then actually going through with it the next day, hangovers be damned. Last weekend was actually one of those things.  Me and a couple of friends were trying to get drunk to make […] <<Click here to Read More>>


Photographs & Memories

Canon EOS 7D

Meet Bruno, he's my inanimate travelling companion and one of my most abused gadgets of all time.  He's been loved, abandoned, lent, and discarded some more.  But after everything, he's still here.  I bought this guy when his model (EOS 7D) just reached our shores.  Perhaps I was too trigger-happy then.  But who could blame […] <<Click here to Read More>>