13th Sipit-sipit Eco Fun Climb Adventure – Pt 1

13th Sipit-sipitI finally let go of all my prejudices and joined my first climb.  What better way to pop my mountain climbing cherry than a little fun climb right?  It turns out it wasn’t such a fun climb for me at all!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Sipit-sipit Eco Fun Climb is an annual event organized by the Nasipit Mountaineering Society (NMS).  This year is the 13th year that this event has been going on.  This year is also the year that I said to myself ‘fuck it, might as well try climbing a mountain for once in my life’.   This, against all the warning lights flashing inside my head.

I have all my creature-comfort reasons for not being thrilled about climbing a mountain.  The biggest one is– there’s no toilet.  The prospect of an entire mountain being your own dumping ground might excite some folks, but I’m used to sitting on a toilet bowl.  I don’t exactly relish the idea of shitting in the middle of overgrown bushes while blades of grass tickle my bum.  Also, I’ll be sleeping on the ground.  While it may sound romantic and organic to some, it is the ground; it’s bound to be uneven and uncomfortably hard.  Sleeping, therefore, is gonna be difficult.  And I like my sleep!

But again, against all my better judgement, I stopped thinking and bravely signed up.  I thought I was being brave at the time.  Funny that.

My Sipit-sipit Background

I’ve never considered mountain climbing as a worthwhile activity due to the reasons stated above. I’m more of a water person and would rather brave hours of driving (no matter the road conditions) to get to that fantastic beach. I have one such adventure which will be a tale for another day.

However, having associated myself with outdoor loving folks since moving back to my province, I’m quite familiar with Sipit-sipit. I have in fact joined their culmination activities for the past two years. This culmination activity or ‘socials’ is just a wild drinking spree courtesy of several sponsors (primarily Colt 45) and punctuated by a raffle.

Admittedly, this is an underhanded way of joining the festivities without having to undergo the struggle of actually climbing Kasunugan Peak. It seems wrong, but it felt like fun. I raised my glass to these brave little boys and girls, enjoying their stories, good times all around. All benefits, no risk. That has been the extent of my participation. Until this year.

Bouldering and All That Shit – Part 2

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