April Getaways: Cagwait | Baler

This April this little Pinoy Traveller will be heading towards opposite ends. My first destination will be the little known Cagwait Beach in Surigao Del Sur. The girlfriend alerted me to this venue and has nothing but great words for the place. This considering that she’s never been there. From what I can research over the internet, people have been raving about it. Not much photos about the place though. I think I will have to change that.

My next destination will be the surfing sites of Baler. What got me interested is of course the awesome movie featuring Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. Not. Some friends have been bugging me to go with them and visit the place. Since I haven’t tried surfing them waves, I’m definitely getting wet this time. Oh, and I’ll make damn sure I post their mugs in this blog; make them famous for a change.

I’ll be going to these places in the 3rd and 4th week of April. Man I can’t imagine how much all of these is gonna cost me but hey, it’s only money right?

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  • A Grateful Heart Mar 31, 2009

    wow! cool:) I have heard a lot of the place too:) that would be very exciting to do- surfing! one thing that I can’t do:( too bad, I grew up in an island but can’t even swim, how pathetic, lol!
    hope you’ll have a great time!

  • coffeeliqueur Apr 2, 2009

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You have great blog about traveling in Philippines. I think I will need to check out your blog often to see which place to visit in The Philippines.

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Hi coffeeliqueur. Thanks. Hope you come and visit us one of these days.

  • deejay Apr 2, 2009

    that was known as boracay of caraga – the cagwait white beach resort. happy trip here.

    more in this link…

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Hi Deejay. I’m a Caraganon myself. Hope to meet up with you guys soon!

  • Pocketeer Apr 4, 2009

    I never go to Philippines but I can do through you site.

    Thanks for your good sharing

    Hope you will like my blog and revisit http://world-trekkings.blogspot.com/

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Hi Pocketeer. You should visit our country!

  • News-N-Views Apr 4, 2009

    Nice Philippines, Nice Philippine people and Nice Philippines nature…God has gifted too much to Philippine…wish to travel such marvelous and gorgeous place…

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      I hope you visit our Islands too!

  • idealpinkrose Apr 5, 2009

    hi thanks for the message in my EC and sorry for my late reply. Sure, i’d love to ex-link…I’ll link you up now. Check it out after a few minutes.

    Btw, I love travelling so I find your blog interesting.

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Thanks for the link Rose!

  • idealpinkrose Apr 5, 2009

    ooppsss…you can check out your link under your id philtravelblog.

    have a nice weekend!

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Thanks rose. Have a nice weekend too!

  • pinoytraveller Apr 5, 2009

    Thanks. It's not too late to learn!

  • evehunter Apr 12, 2009

    better include San Jose Romblon and Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan…really great places! Hope to read your post if you happen to visit on any of the 2 places…

  • kakashi Jul 25, 2009

    great post..

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