Baler – Surfing Paradise For Newbies

Lady luck certainly smiled upon me today. I was worried all week long that my trip to Baler, Aurora in Quezon Province would be welcomed by showers of rain. Manila has been a wet place the entire week and I was concerned that such condition would extend over the weekend. Fortunately, it did not.

Baler IS a beginner surfer’s paradise. The waves are small enough to not daunt the noob surfer but not that small to daunt the scaredy cat. I’ve got so much to tell but for the meantime, here are pics of my buddies doing their thang on the waters.

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  • backpacking philippines Apr 25, 2009

    something i also want to do one of these days…

    found another travel blog about the philippines…continue blogging and promote our country.
    also would like to request a link exchange 😛

  • ceblogger Apr 25, 2009

    i think i'll easily learn how to surf. how far is that place from manila?

  • alone Apr 27, 2009

    wuhu. nice sea. hope to have a wonderful jet skiing there.

  • trends Apr 28, 2009

    we're planning to visit baler this june…i think i'm goin to try surfing there (kung di umuulan nun) …parang ang saya eh :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    It really is! Hope you enjoy there. :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    Whoa! Jetskis! I've only tried it a couple of times but I really enjoyed the experience. Such speeds!

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    I think you'll learn it in no time. Baler is about 6 to 7 hours from Manila.

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    You should try it then! It's fun. :)

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