Bohol, Philippines: Fiesta Island

Bohol is commonly associated with Chocolate Hills and white sand beaches. Mention Bohol and all people can think of are those numerous mounds of earth and the fine white beaches of Panglao Island.

Somebody mentions Bohol to me however and I can only think of one thing– Fiestas.

There’s no province in the Philippines that loves their fiesta more than the Boholanos or Bol-anons do. And no, I don’t just mean the Sandugo festival here, though it is also awesome in its own right. Am talking about the fiestas that happen everyday all over the province throughout the merry month of May.

It is during this time of the year when paisanos or sanos from all over the world congregate on this little island province. If the proud locals are to be believed, the island of Bohol actually sinks deeper into the sea during this time.

In this province, during this time, there will always be a barrio or a town somewhere that will be having its fiesta. It is even said that you wouldn’t have to worry about food during this month as long as you know which place will be having its fiesta. I’ve heard of my cousins’ tales on how they crisscrossed the island living off one barrio fiesta after another.

This may sound incredulous but given the Bol-anons propensity to invite everyone on the street to partake of their (even meager) feast, these tall tales may have some truth in them.

It’s a wonder that a movie hasn’t been made about it though. Could be an adventurer’s backpacking wet dream come to life.

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  • Pierre van Eck Mar 15, 2009

    Sounds like an awesome place for a vacation!

  • Dual Sim Phones Jan 19, 2010

    nice post

  • nato Feb 12, 2010

    So true. Town fiesta, in Bohol, is almost equal to gatherings of friends and relatives from all places, some from other provinces and even some from abroad, and one should not forget the lavish foods that will be prepared during the said occasion.

    Proud to be a Boholano.

  • RV Ratings Mar 12, 2010

    yes bohol is a great vacation spot…

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