Buenakolo Outlaw Race

Stoked.  Psyched.  Juiced. Gnarly.

However which way you describe the “event” that happened yesterday, February 13, 2016 at Brgy. Rizal in Buenavista, ADN, everybody present had one hell of a good time!

I was kinda apprehensive at first as the weather was bent on dampening the mood with early morning showers that lasted until 11am.  Fortunately, the sun came out around noon allowing the players/participants free flowing fun zipping with their longboards down the undulating hills of Brgy. Rizal.  The locals came out, visiting riders represented, heck even carabaos made their appearance.  I was happily shooting away with my camera as well.

The Buenakolo Outlaw Race was only supposed to be a gathering of friends who share a passion for longboarding but with the pretty decent turn-out (more than 30 riders participated), perhaps this could become an annual or even a semi-annual event?  Kudos to Nico and his group for organizing this one.  What an awesome pre-Valentine event!

Enough with words.  Let this gallery below tell the story.

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