Caramoan Calling

In about 10 hours from now I should be wetting my feet in one of Caramoan’s beautiful beaches. Barring all natural calamities, I intend to have a wonderful time swimming and taking photographs of this awesome part of the Philippines.

If Caramoan sounds familiar to you, this is probably because Survivor is filming there in Gota beach. Hmm.. I wonder if perhaps I could take a peek? Not sure if there are gorgeous Survivor contestants but let’s see.
This trip didn’t take long to organize. None of the hair-pulling hassles that usually precede any plans my buddies and I have whenever we plan something. We just took advantage of Cebu Pacific’s low fare promo, selected a date and let the chips fall where they May.

After everything was booked everyone had no other recourse but to get on with the program. The tickets were non-refundable of course. Teehee.

So, expect some harebrained adventure tale again next week with photos hopefully.


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  • sashindoubutsu May 16, 2009

    nice blog! 😀

  • brag May 17, 2009

    sa amin 'to pero di pa ako nakapunta dito heheh

    there's ongoing survivor filming there again? that's cool

  • Angle May 17, 2009

    Shine blue sea color truly beautiful. I like it.

  • Talen May 22, 2009

    Beautiful place. I'd love to visit on my next trip to SE Asia

  • jler May 26, 2009

    it's beautiful:-)

  • Ron May 28, 2009

    It looks great, Sounds great too. It's my first time to hear about caramoan though, but it's definitely a place to go to. soon.

  • n3os May 29, 2009

    nice blog … i lke to see and reading

  • joe-ann Jun 3, 2009

    the scene is truly breathtaking. Hope I can visit the place someday. post more photos.thanks.

  • Lynn Jun 3, 2009

    I'd like to see some pictures of the trip. I never heard of this island but I'm pretty sure I will know more about it by tomorrow. thanks.

  • pinoytraveller Jun 9, 2009

    Hi Lynn, check out my post on Caramoan Delivers. More pictures there.

  • pinoytraveller Jun 9, 2009

    Hi Joe-ann. It is a must visit for every pinoy. Check out the other post on Caramoan Delivers. I posted some pictures there.

  • pinoytraveller Jun 9, 2009

    Shame! Shame! lol. Brag, dapat pumunta ka!

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