Electoral Roads

It’s been more than six months since I last traversed the road leading to Cagwait White Beach. I was bitching non stop then because the roads were just atrocious. Muddy, unfinished, and totally washed out. Imagine my surprise when driving along the same roads yesterday, everything was paved from San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur to Tandag, Surigao Del Sur. And we’re not talking a short trip here, were talking about 120 kilometers from end to end. I was amazed at the progress that happened in just 6 short months.

The trip was that enjoyable. Well except when the significant other was driving. Seeing the wellpaved roads, the speed demon in her came out and she was attacking these roads at 140kph. That woman is out of control. It would have been great had we been driving a. We were driving a frigging Honda CRV! And you know what happens when you negotiate twists and turns with SUV’s at top speed. Those damn things drift! Because of it’s high center of gravity, any momentary loss of control and everything goes belly up.

I was shitting in my pants but I couldn’t really say anything as she was in the zone and nothing I said was reaching her. Fine, I got chewed up really bad when I voiced my complaint so I just sat there scared out of wits but stayed silent the whole time like the sissy little boy that I am.

Imagine zooming down those flat roads– virgin forests to your left, lush yellow green rice paddies to your right with the horizon going on and on. Man I could see myself riding a Ducati and going full throttle for hours on end. Except that I don’t have a Ducati. Oh well, one can dream.

Perhaps the coming election has a lot to do with these roads being done on time. I couldn’t really complain as everything was just marvelous. Kudos to the provincial government of Surigao Del Sur for getting this done. Or should I say kudos to the people for paying their taxes. At least we know that our taxes are working for us. Majority of those taxes may have ended up in a few people’s pockets but hey, non-politicians can’t be choosers so we just have to be thankful with what we can see and experience. Don’t agree with me? Well that’s too bad.

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  • Harry Vince Jun 28, 2010

    It is really fantastic experience to traverse the road leading to Cagwait White Beach. I myself have been to this road a number of times and believe me I felt as if I am in the heaven.
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