Enchanted Conclusion | Hinatuan River

After some idle time, I decided to cut short my account on Hinatuan’s Enchanted River. Perhaps its just boredom or maybe its the lure of another spot waiting for me to set foot on. Right now I’m salivating on the thought of going to Tinuy-an Falls somewhere in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur. I know, I’ve been focusing on this part of Mindanao but I don’t fault myself for it. Surigao has awesome spots that are just waiting to be discovered and broken in. Too bad that they’re not so accessible but who knows? Maybe in the future when things turn for the better, this part of the Philippines will be the next great destination. I just have to do my little share of opening it up so that others can see what they’ve long refused to see.

Hinatuan River
#2  An old woman that we spoke to during our visit said that if you have a video camera, you will be able to capture ‘unearthly’ beings in the background.  She said this matter of factly that I just had to try taking a video of some kids jumping from the riverside trees down to the river. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared.
Hinatuan Plunge
#3  One tale that’s oft repeated is about a few guys who left fine meshed nets in the deeper part of the river for three days (the local fishing term is “namukot”). This is a fishing lure that almost always guarantees lots of catch. When the fisher folks returned after three days, their fishing nets were hanging on the trees by the river bank.
The Boatman
#4 It is said that no matter how hard you fish in the enchanted river, you won’t be able to catch one. There was the case of the famous spear fisher who spent an hour and a half underwater only to come up with nothing. He can clearly see the fishes but he can’t hit them with his spear gun. Another was told of some folks from Mangagoy who brought with them their fancy fishing rods with the reels and all. One man in particular spent half a day fishing and didn’t catch a thing.
Hinatuan Enchanted
#5 The old woman in #2 said that you can catch fish in the river. You only have to “ask” for it.
Hinatuan Jumping
#6 Frustration seeping in, some folks allegedly resorted to dinamite fishing just to get to the very big fishes that you can clearly see from the top. At first they thought they caught a lot because lots of dead fishes were floating around when they detonated their dinamites (the morons). But when they hauled their catch, there were only five fishes. The rest of the dead floating fish disappeared, just like that.
Hinatuan No Trash
#7 At the very head of the enchanted river is a cave that’s accessible when the tide is low. Some foreigners were able to gain access and came to the end where there’s no water and they actually walked. The end of the cave was a small low ceilinged room where there’s a table made of limestone and a few limestone chairs as well. Apparently they took a picture of it but it wasn’t with the river caretaker when he told us this story.
Hinatuan Au Naturelle
After swimming for a while. We had to do some dangerous stuff. Jumping off from the river cliff. It’s not that high mind you but when you think about where you’re going to be jumping, looking down at that blue, blue, bottomless water, it makes you think twice. But we jumped anyway. Heck, you only live once.

When it was my turn, I summoned all my courage, closed my eyes and took the leap. I thought my eardrums would pop. I felt a stinging sensation in the inside of my arms (maybe because I was flailing too much) but I felt deep satisfaction for having jumped.

I’m not so sure if I will be able to return to this river again. I’m just glad that for once in my life I was able to see it with my own eyes. Not many Filipinos can say they did.

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  • wanderlass Jul 14, 2009

    sounds eeriely interesting.. how do u go there? and is there lore that swimmers were never found? he he.

  • technochase Jul 20, 2009

    Ang ganda ng kuha ng pic nung tumalon!

  • thephilippineisland Jul 21, 2009

    What a wonderful place. This would be one of the finest tourist attractions in the Philippines.

  • sealdi Jul 23, 2009

    Hi, I'm planning to travel to SDS and visit Tinuy-an and Hinatuan and Cagwait. How many days do you think I should allocate for the entire trip and what would be the best city for my point of entry (via plane) and point of exit (via plane). I'll be commuting most of the time since we won't have a private vehicle at our disposal and this is a backpacking trip.

  • pinoytraveller Jul 24, 2009

    Hi Sealdi, I think the best point of entry would be Butuan. Cagwait is a bit far without a private vehicle but still you could just ask around in the bus terminal in Langihan. You could go to Hinatuan first (better go there very early morning so you have the river to yourself). Tinuy-an I haven't been there yet but I know it's in Bislig so I'm not sure how long the trip will take. Again to be sure you just ask the Bus dispatchers in Langihan on the best route through all the places you plan to go to. Enjoy!

  • Billy bui Jul 29, 2009

    Some excellent information there! One of my cousins is currently in Philippines. Your post made me want to visit even more :)

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  • Eddie Garcia Aug 4, 2009

    What a spectacular location. You were truly blessed by being able to see this with your very own eyes. I know you will cherish these memories for the rest of your life. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.

    Friends 4 Life!

  • jazzy2103 Aug 7, 2009

    whoa. That is so pretty

  • pinoytraveller Aug 9, 2009

    Hi Jazzy, it sure is.

  • pinoytraveller Aug 9, 2009

    Hi Ed, no problem!

  • Pinaybackpacker Aug 16, 2009

    The stories about the river are fascinating. I wish the people living there and all those who will visit it in the future will continue to take care of it.

    I think I want to believe the old woman; that you have to “ask” first to catch the fish. And you should only get what you need . 😀

  • lianadawnafchu Nov 22, 2009

    hai ! nyc kaau amu place noh!?

  • tourist spot Jan 16, 2010

    I wish to go in this magnificent creation on earth. This is very rare I travel almost the half of the hemisphere but nothing beyond like this….,

  • forgetmenot Feb 3, 2010

    i and my husband are planning tp visit butuan around april….and so i was thinking of unwinding somewhere around or nearby that city..i thought this place is inviting..?but im afraid about the story..and the name itself…ENCHANTED RIVER:?????…a river that is rearly blue..!…this ''old woman thing''….i also believe on things called''…DILI INGON NATO''',,,,,sorry guys…im just so confused.i really wanna go there though..

  • doydoy Feb 7, 2010

    i really like the enchanted river, i've been there once. i was experienced the real happeniness. and for now im waiting for my mother to go back there in hinatuan. so that i can go with her.hehehe

  • Borgs Donaire Mar 24, 2010

    I am from Lianga, Surigao del Sur but i have not gone to that enchanted river, i know there are lots of interesting spots in SDS. I’ll be going there this month and have a plan to visit Pugad Beach and the Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) somewhere in Manyayay developed by the White Ladies? Am not so sure but overheard it.

  • Domenic Fagnani Jul 23, 2010

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