For The Love Of Caraga

I’m going back to my home province again in Agusan Del Norte after almost six months here in Manila. Not that I will be going back there permanently, I just need to recharge my energy so I can take on a new phase in my corporate career. It’s strange how one place can really grow on you despite spending the majority of your life elsewhere. I guess I’m one example of this.

I grew up in pineapple country in South Cotabato. Specifically Polomolok, South Cotabato where the Dole Plantation has landscaped the flat area with hectares and hectares of pineapple. I had a lot of fond memories doing my own pineapple harvesting and looking for spiders within the huge plantation. Pineapple juice for me back then wasn’t something that came in a can, or even in a glass for that matter. Pineapple juice came from an actual pineapple crushed until it’s insides are gooey and then sticking a straw in it. The pineapple of course needs to be picked fresh. The fact that Dole’s plantation is right behind my house makes this easily possible. But this is something that’s best told in another story.

This post is all about Caraga, that region composed of the provinces of Agusan Del Norte, Agusan Del Sur, Surigao Del Norte, Surigao Del Sur and the Dinagat Islands and the many wonders that these provinces hide.

I started my mission of discovering these hidden jewels of Caraga last year after tiring of the usual tourism fare that one often sees on TV. I thought that with the vast number of islands that the Philippines has, surely not all of them have been covered by mainstream TV. True enough I found some tourist spots that hidden just below the radar of the usual tourists and adventurers.

I’ve documented my adventures here in posts pertaining to the enchanted river of Hinatuan, the many levels of Tinuy-an Falls, the secret beaches of Siargao, and of course the placid lake that is Lake Mainit. Even the hidden cove of Cagwait White Beach didn’t escape my attention. I have yet to venture to the jelly fish paradise of Bukas Grande where the Sohoton Cove lies, but for sure I will go there one of these days.

I thought I’ve already covered all the interesting sites of CARAGA until I saw this video that was shared in Facebook. This video opened up a whole can of adventure possibilities for me. Seeing the Sugba lagoon in this video makes me want to just jump on a plane and go there immediately and then there’s the mysterious Agusan Marsh. How can I call CARAGA my home and not see these things?

And this is why I’m counting the days when I’ll be back in my home province steal my girlfriend’s car and just race to as many of these locations as I can bringing with me my newly upgraded DSLR camera. Man what fun I’m sure going to have next week, and the week after that.

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