Inland Fishing In Metro Manila

Inland fishing is one of the more available pursuits when you’re in Manila. The absence of readily accessible fishing spots in the Metro is one of the reasons why those who love to fish, go for pond fishing or inland fishing. Pond fishing is not just limited to the small square of brackish water that readily comes to mind when the word fish pond is mentioned. The pond where I go inland fishing every weekend for example is a pretty large affair.

See pictures below.

This fish pond operated by Kap Larry is situated in Coloong, Valenzuela. It is a favorite of avid recreational fishermen because for one, it is pretty large, two, it has a few cottages that the whole family can gather together, and of course it’s very affordable. It is common for families near the area to go over there when celebrating special occasions. They just bring their food with them, eat, and at the same time enjoy some inland fishing.

Map to Kap Larry's Pond Coloong 2

Kap Larry’s Pond

If you’re an expat in Manila (or even if you’re a local) and you enjoy fishing AND you don’t have a lot of time but you want to catch yourself a little fish, you might want to do a little inland fishing at Kap Larry’s Pond. Here are a few details about Kapitan Larry’s pond.

– The place is situated in Coloong, Valenzuela (see map).

– The place is open from 5 in the morning until 6 in the evening
– It has at least 5 cottages the cost to rent range from 300-500 for the entire day.
– Entrance fee is 50, but this is waived if you rent a cottage
– Price of the fish you catch is as follows:
– Tilapia P75/kilo
– Bangus P90/kilo
– Pangasius P100/kilo
– You have to bring your own fishing rods
– There’s an area where you can grill your own fish
– If you want your fish to be grilled for you, that can be arranged as well
– If you caught nothing the entire day, you can actually buy tilapia from there at the same price of P75/kilo
– Better bring your own transportation as they have a parking area

Catching and Eating The Pangasius

Last weekend my good friend Ceblogger and myself were quite excited to go back to Coloong after 3 weeks of absence. We arrived at 3 in the afternoon which means that we only have 3 hours to catch anything.

An hour and a half after and we still have squat. We were already entertaining thoughts of going back the following day when I got a bite. It was a beautiful half-kilo bangs and it put up a good fight before I finally reeled it in. Ceblogger on the other hand was still holding his breath. Moments later he felt a tug on his fishing rod and I can see that he caught a big one as his small fishing rod was almost bent to breaking point.

I thought he caught a really big bangus but when I helped him by scooping up his catch with a fishing net, i saw a flash of pink and thought he caught a big tilapia instead. As it turned out, it was a big Pangasius with its protruding belly.

The thing about the though, once you’re reeled it out of the water, it completely gives up the fight. Unlike the bangus who would continue the fight even when it’s no longer in the water, the Pangasius just stayed still as if it has already accepted it’s fate and knew that the only place that he would be going to next is the dinner table.

We went home satisfied with our bangus and Pangasius that night. Something weird though, once we arrived home and cooked the fishes, I can’t bring myself to eat them. It’s not pity or anything but somehow they just looked very unpalatable to me. Not sure if that’s normal.

But anyway, for sure next weekend we will be back in Coloong again and chase after their fishes there. I think with fishing, we are reminded of our primal instincts to hunt and eat our prey.

Join us next time!

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  • Eric : BlogDeManila : Philippine Blog Aug 16, 2010

    ang layooooo! heheheh

    • pinoytraveller Aug 17, 2010

      lapit lang yan. :)

  • Shawn Aug 16, 2010

    Your Contact form is not working, it shows the code for the contact 7 form plugin.

    • pinoytraveller Aug 17, 2010

      It’s working now. :)

      Thanks for the heads up.

  • ceblogger Aug 17, 2010

    eric, do you want to join us next time?

  • ruel Oct 9, 2015

    This place looks interesting! it would be much more interesting if they can offer fishing gears for those first timer like me =(.

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