Lake Mainit Is Hot!

Lake Mainit is part of Kitcharao, Agusan Del Norte and no, I haven’t morphed into a Paris Hilton wannabe all of a sudden. Mainit translated into English is ‘hot’. Not much subtlety there.[ad#link468]View Of The Highway

Surigao City bound travellers are treated to a marvelous view of Lake Mainit as they go down the winding mountain roads of Jabonga en route to Kitcharao. The view is quite formidable and the lake, mostly untouched by humans, remains as inviting and as impassive as time. Lake Mainit[ad#link468]

For years I’ve passed by this lake and yet I’ve never mustered enough interest to look deeper than the view offered me from the highway. This Easter I decided to do something about it, and with the significant other manning the wheel, we headed off to Lake Mainit on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Verandah View

If you intend on doing the same, there’s no place better to check out Lake Mainit than Almont Lake Resort. They’ve built a 9-room resort right in the doorsteps of the lake for travelers and folks who want to get away for a while.Almont Lake ResortView From The Resto

It was there that the significant other and I spent an hour or two last Sunday afternoon having sandwiches, drinking coffee, and taking pictures of the lake. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the country’s economy that the resort, despite a virtual monopoly of the area  had no visitors. [ad#link468]Catamaran

Perhaps the resort is not appreciated by the locals, but for city dwellers, like myself, who are sick and tired of the concrete jungle that is Manila, this place is a magnificent place to be, with or without your mistress (hint, hint). The place is not that popular (at least not yet) and it’s certainly out of the way enough which makes it a very good destination to have your trysts and what-nots.Lansiyang

The resort’s suite room only costs P1,800 a night(with 2 free breakfast)—that’s roughly $USD37—and you’re greeted every morning with a marvelous view of the lake.

If you’re looking for adventure outside of the watersports area, this is not the place for you. But if you’re just looking for a place of quiet without the distraction of crowds and bars then this is it.

If you’re interested in visiting Lake Mainit via Almont Lake Resort, you can always go there for coffee and just shoot pictures from the verandah. If you wish to stay there, you could contact them before hand using the following phone numbers:
Landline: +63 (086) 8262424
Mobile: +63 926 6407856

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  • Carl Apr 14, 2009

    Yes, indeed. It looks really peaceful and beautiful. With the winter we have here, it makes me want to fly there immediately.

  • ManilaBay Apr 14, 2009

    Great pictures! Philippines are great! Especially Manila and Manila Bay!

  • deejay Apr 14, 2009

    this is beautiful! this is the place of my father and he grew up there. when i went to this, the natures here looks quiet and wonderful, and sometimes you feel like meditating.

    thanks for sharing.

  • pinoytraveller Apr 14, 2009

    Hi Carl, as we are a tropical country, the sun is something that we have in abundance year round. I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it here. :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 14, 2009

    Hi Deejay, it is a very peaceful place indeed. I'm now back in Manila but my thoughts are still in that place.

  • edelweiza Apr 16, 2009

    interesting place…i'd love to go there (even just once) in the future. :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 17, 2009

    Hi Edelweiza, I hope you do! There's a lot that Mindanao can offer the wandering pinoy.

  • cindyrella Apr 18, 2009

    wow! mura na maganda pa ano? add kita sa blogroll ko ah! ^^

  • pinoytraveller Apr 18, 2009

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Nhil Apr 19, 2009

    Lake Mainit is really hot! :) and looks very relaxing indeed!

    I like your blog's title. Must be fun going there. :)

  • April Apr 20, 2009

    That looks like a wonderful place to go and relax. Thank you for Sharing 😀

  • Honeymoons in South Africa Apr 21, 2009

    looks like a really beautiful place, thanks very much for posting this :)

  • Another Blogger Apr 21, 2009

    Nice place and nice article too :) I hope someday I can visit that place.

  • pinoytraveller Apr 21, 2009

    Hi Nhil, thanks! It was fun going there. No traffic, just free flowing ride. :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 21, 2009

    Hi April, it is a very relaxing place indeed. :)

  • pinoytraveller Apr 21, 2009

    No problem!

  • pinoytraveller Apr 21, 2009


  • Margaret Elmendorf Apr 23, 2009

    Great pictures. What a gorgeous lake. I enjoyed seeing these pictures. And even information on who to call if you want to visit.

  • himali Apr 23, 2009

    Ur blog is great……..
    If u visit my blog ……….
    here is my blog:

  • Eddie Garcia Apr 23, 2009

    This is right up our alley. We like secluded getaways and this would be perfect and the price is super as well. Thank you for taking that Sunday drive and bringing these wonderful views to our attention. I will look forward to your next adventure to share.

    Friends 4 Life!

  • julius Apr 24, 2009

    Nice topic. I used to travel a lot before I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I've roamed almost the whole of Luzon. One of my favorites was Caramoan in Camarines Sur. It was really beautiful there when I visited last 1998.

  • Nagashiko Apr 24, 2009

    Hahaha! Funny title! =)

    Hmm, I'd consider going there since I haven's gone to any vacation spots yet.

    Btw thank for adding me as a friend in blog catalog. XD More power to you!

  • idealpinkrose Apr 24, 2009

    hi, i'm here again. sure i'd love to ex-link with you. i'm gonna link you up now. pls. check it out a few minutes later.

    what a nice place to relax.

  • My Travels Apr 26, 2009

    I love your shot of the two birds there. This placeis amazing… I just wish I can be there at this very moment.

  • shabnam sultan Apr 27, 2009

    Amazing pictures and the lake is so beautiful. It seems it is a wonderful place for a holiday. Thanks, for sharing.

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    Hey, no problem!

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    Those birds have scary eyes!

  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009


  • pinoytraveller Apr 29, 2009

    Hi Julius, hope your coping well. I'm about to visit Caramoan in a couple of weeks time! I'm sure I'll enjoy the place.

  • Doug May 3, 2009

    Also a recent visitor to this resort, I second the opinions, great place to stay if your not looking for the bars and nightlife, just peace relaxation a great view and nice staff

  • Auto Trader May 9, 2009

    I just visited your website for blogcatalog. Its me msright1981.
    I really did not think you have such great places in Philippines, though what is the cost of these places look like.

  • Debbie May 11, 2009


  • pinoytraveller May 11, 2009

    Thanks Debbie.

  • pinoytraveller May 11, 2009

    Hi Msright. Actually the cost is very low. You can really stretch your money here. An overnight stay in this place for example is less than $20.

  • pinoytraveller May 11, 2009

    Alright! Glad you enjoyed your stay Doug!

  • jirehluis Jun 9, 2009

    hi!can you pls. blog also in about the hottest places in the PHilippines… i have lot of friends abroad who want to spend their vacation here in Philippines…thanks and Godbless!

  • Maldives Luxury Holidays Jun 24, 2009

    Some really wonderful photographs you've taken there, what type of camera do you use for your photography??

  • xycris Jul 8, 2009

    hi, wow! this is a great find! i want to go there someday. thanks for this post. :)

  • maria Jul 8, 2009

    Informative site.A great place for family adventure.Whom to call for reservation?Thanks a lot!

  • eastwoodguy Jul 21, 2009

    Is this anywhere near Dunsulan falls?

  • boyz Aug 3, 2009

    very clean and beautiful place

  • pinoytraveller Aug 9, 2009

    Yes it is

  • Cheap Hotels in Sydney Sep 10, 2009

    It's a great place. Worth visiting for. You may try to visit Australia also. Very nice place.

  • pinoytraveller Sep 13, 2009

    Send me a free airline ticket and I'll be there in a heartbeat. kidding. For sure Ill be visiting Oz one of these days it's one of my dream destinations.

  • tourist spot philippines Jan 13, 2010

    Yah, I've bring may family there too and we mold a very unforgettable experience

  • tourist spot philippines Jan 13, 2010

    yup, its look like mainit there hahha

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