I just came back from Manila to take care of some paper works.  As I may have mentioned (not sure) in some of my posts here, I am now 80% based in the province, which is awesome.  Manila is still, well Manila.  Synonymous with traffic jams and commercialization.  It is still a necessary evil for me though, as my company is based there but anyways.

Aside from that Manila trip a couple of days ago, I hadn’t had any memorable adventure after Lianga, which is fine as I do need to save a little bit so I can go on another road trip.  What’s keeping me busy these days is my renewed interest in photography.  Landscape photography to be exact.  And man!  Even as a hobbyist, this thing is expensive!  I just bought an ultra wide angle lens and a couple of filters to make things interesting.  So everyday, I spend at least an hour teaching myself the finer details of this art.  Yep, it’s artsy-fartsy stuff.  But it’s technical as hell!  I’m loving every minute of it though.  What I’ve been doing is scouting locations where I can practice my craft.  I’m still a lousy landscape photographer but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Taking pictures, perfecting composition, mastering my camera– these are the easy parts.  The really fun but bitchy part is the post-processing.  Right now I’m using Lightzone, an open source photo editor.  Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop cost a ton of money, so for now, I’m using what’s available for me.  Lightzone is no slouch though.  It used to be a commercial product, but for some reason, the creator decided to donate it.

So here are the fruits of my journey so far.  Like I said, I’m still a student here so don’t expect mind-blowing things.









Till next picture!

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