Light And Palawan

This is a reprint of an entry I made in my other blog, a site that I’m slowly cannibalizing. lol.

I learned a very important lesson about light in my recent Palawan trip. And it had something to do with some of my pictures showing up horrendously dark. I still don’t have a DSLR camera, something that bugs me until now, although I have something that’s pretty decent. But still it’s no excuse for taking pretty lousy pictures.

El Nido is a pain in the butt. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there after 7 hours of pot-holed roads. Ok, to be fair, there are stretches of nicely paved roads, but you kinda take those things for granted considering the hefty chunk of money the government bites off of your payday. What should get every local tourist’s goat is that of all those pork barrel funds given every year, why not pave the roads properly, all of it? You kinda wonder whether this is a punishment to local tourists who take the more scenic route instead of patronize Asean Spirit (at around P12K roundtrip, who would?).

But there is a silver lining to all of this. And somehow I am torn between wanting a nicely paved road and keeping it as such, so that the place remains not-so-accessible thereby slowing the march of commercialization.

To those who have never been to El Nido, you need to go there– it’s PERFECT. And it’s not only for the rich. You just have to weather the 7-hour ride to get there (like I did). There are a lot of dirt-cheap pension houses if you’re in a tight budget. If you can gather enough number of travelmates, it becomes very affordable.

Pictures after the jump.

Oh well.. Pictures.

If these pictures won’t tempt you to save up and visit the place, nothing else will.

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  • Koentz Mar 16, 2009

    The pictures have stated the beauty of the venue.. I’ll put El Nido on my visit list for sure..!

  • richard smalley Mar 21, 2009

    Nice pictures anyway, one thing i always remember when i travel, always remember a place through your own eyes not through the eye of a camera. i dont understand people going on holiday and look through a camera or any technology for that matter. enjoy your holiday, its yours. Ive been to Thailand and Laos over that way , unbelievable place, never got any pics though but i did get a bit on video cam.

    cheers Rich from England.

  • louraine Mar 24, 2009

    hahahha defintely a PRO for a visit.. Im saving for this for so long hahahha and end up dreaming.

    Nice catch. Like of the dlsr cams..

    About the bumpy ride and the taxes hahaha its really a big ouch. But anyhow, sacrifices are worth of it.

    Hope to be there soon? like 5 years hahahah

  • JessQ Mar 25, 2009

    That’s right Louraine, Mr PhilTraveler is indeed a PRO just by looking at those pictures. And you write pretty well too, man!! Kudos to you.

    Hmmmpppp…grrrr…talagang nakakapanggigil these corrupt elected government executives…stashing away the funds intended for the development of roads, bridges, and tourist destinations. Well, of course, this corruption starts during the campaign period. They have to shell out big funds to buy off voters. They won’t win naman if they don’t give out money…even to the voters who are supposed to be professionals and educated. Kaya, we really have to exert more effort to re-educate our voters…haaaayyyyy…magbakasyon na lang tayo sa “El Nido.”

  • Ken Biddle Apr 5, 2009

    Love the pictures, gives you a real sense of being there.


    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Thanks! You should visit it sometime. :)

  • parlin003 Apr 6, 2009

    nice site. i like it very much.

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Thanks parlin

  • Insider-Insights Apr 6, 2009

    yes…Palawan is truly a must see place in the Philippines.. I'll be posting our trip there soon… thanks for sharing!

    • pinoytraveller Apr 6, 2009

      Hi, do let me know when you’ve posted! I’ll be very interested to know how you find the place.

  • toothfairynotes Jun 9, 2009

    What!? I wanted to go to El nido so badly, but after reading this… neh…. never mind…
    so it's not a good idea after all… well, it's good that you told me to look for this post though!

    take care!

  • kathangisip Jun 30, 2009

    Super tempted na kong pumunta. hehe. Nice set of pictures, ang ganda talaga ng Palawan :)

  • fedhz Aug 3, 2009

    wow! would love to go to El Nido someday. Ok lang kahit wala pang DSLR, at least maganda naman ang dating diba? ^^ v

    same theme gamit natin ha.. pero nagpalit na ko to thesis theme. ^^ pano mo nagawang 2 ung sidebar? ung nasa bandang baba?

    ito ung sakin dati:

  • pinoytraveller Aug 9, 2009

    hi fedhz, looking good!

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