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Canon EOS 7D

Meet Bruno, he's my inanimate travelling companion and one of my most abused gadgets of all time.  He's been loved, abandoned, lent, and discarded some more.  But after everything, he's still here.  I bought this guy when his model (EOS 7D) just reached our shores.  Perhaps I was too trigger-happy then.  But who could blame […] <<Click here to Read More>>


13th Sipit-sipit Eco Fun Climb Adventure – Pt 1

13th Sipit-sipit Eco Fun Climb Adventure – Pt 1 thumbnail

I finally let go of all my prejudices and joined my first climb.  What better way to pop my mountain climbing cherry than a little fun climb right?  It turns out it wasn't such a fun climb for me at all!  But I'm getting ahead of myself. The Sipit-sipit Eco Fun Climb is an annual […] <<Click here to Read More>>


What To Do In Butuan (Revisited)

butuan city bridge

Argh! 6 years! It took me six years to finally update this post about my favorite city, Butuan. No choice on the favorite city bit, this is the closest city from my place so how can it not be my favorite? If you can’t at least like the place you’re currently living in, you should […] <<Click here to Read More>>

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Carmen, ADN Municipal Hall

Carmen, ADN Municipal Hall thumbnail

One of the few things that folks here in Agusan del Norte (ADN) look forward to during the yuletide season is the Carmen Municipal Hall christmas lights decoration.  It never fails to gather people from neighboring towns during this time of the year.  It has become, somehow, like a local tourist attraction for folks here […] <<Click here to Read More>>