Philippines 7 Day Weather Forecast Tool

One of the absolute must-knows or must-haves for any traveller is an accurate information about the weather. You wouldn’t want to plan a beach outing without knowing what the weather is going to be like on your target date do you? For us Pinoys, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about weather forecasts is PAGASA or the Philippine Atmosperic, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration.

PAGASA is a Philippine national institution dedicated to provide flood and typhoon warnings, public weather forecasts and advisories, meteorological, astronomical, climatological, and other specialized information and services primarily for the protection of life and property and in support of economic, productivity and sustainable development – Wikipedia

Accessing the Philippines weather forecast is easy enough. You just go to PAGASA’s website at and you can easily get REAL TIME WEATHER, FLOOD FORECAST, CLIMATOLOGY, etc., etc.. What you won’t get however are the itsy bitsy details that are so very important to travellers like; the weather for obscure Philippine locations e.g. Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte, or more importantly what’s the weather forecast for Boracay Island in the next 7 days. These are the little things that are oh so lacking in our little backyard (should I say backward?) weather institution.

Weather Forecast Resource Alternative

Of course we don’t just give up. If our local weather stations cannot give us the information that we desire, we just have to look somewhere else. And this is the resource that I found if you want a 7 day weather forecast for a certain Philippine destination:


It’s unbelievable what this site can do. It can drill down to the city or town level in the Philippines and provide its 7 day forecast. How absolutely amazing is that?

To make your life a little bit easier. I have here the link that will automatically bring you to the city/town selection page so you don’t have to exert anymore effort.

7 Day Weather Forecast For Philippine Cities and Municipalities

So there you go. Enjoy planning your next trip!

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  • ikogsakanding Aug 1, 2009

    bagyo na naman… baha…. landslide……. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • paige Aug 1, 2009

    Hello.. Thanks for commenting sa blog ko po.. I will surely take note of this information.

  • cebu attractions Aug 11, 2009

    when traveling it is important that you should know better the climate of certain location you would be traveling to..

  • pinoytraveller Aug 14, 2009

    Couldn't agree with you more.

  • Isis Aug 16, 2009

    This is an amazing tool! I actually visited the site and looked up the Philippines. And all the towns and cities are listed alphabetically! How cool is that, huh?

    I have to see though if it will be able to predict where the weak tornado will land next after it made a landfall in Bulacan this morning…

    Thanks for sharing this. 😀

  • shaine Aug 24, 2009

    The weather in philippines are getting worse, balak ko pa naman umuwi na for good, may tornado na dating wala. Hnd na talaga mapipigilan ang globa warming! tsk tsk

  • Web Design Butuan Feb 12, 2010

    This is really helpful specially these days the weather can be sooo unpredictable. At least this will give you a window of what to expect.

  • ayla Jun 29, 2010

    hello po…=D
    i just wanna ask lang po kung pano nakakakuha ng weather report ang PAGASA. And pwede bang makakuha ng weather report sa isang exact location like Pampanga lang?heheh

    I’ll appreciate your any response po.. Thank you in advance..=D

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