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venetianWell it’s been more than a month since my last update and I only have life to blame for it. Nature too.

I planned on going to Surigao’s Sohoton Cove last December and swim with the jellyfish there but unfortunately mother nature thought it was a bad idea so she had rain visit my hometown every day forcing me to stay indoors and accumulate fat. I decided not to tempt fate and listened to the rhythm of the falling rain. hmmm.

It wasn’t really such a good holiday season for me. True I get to go home to Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte, stayed at my adopted city– Butuan City and played cashier in the SO’s store. Though truth be told, I was only pretending to do some cashiering– I was too busy with the internet to really notice the shoppers who came into the store. My holiday was short-lived though. I was able to spend Christmas with the family but I was painfully alone during the New Year which is some kind of a mortal sin if you’re Filipino. But what can I say, as a corporate slave (not for long though) I have to do the bidding of my corporate masters.

My first real trip for the year occured a few days after new year and this was another road trip to Pampanga. I went to Alfredo’s Resort which should be one of the premier summer outing destinations for Manila based companies. Especially for those who have a large number of employees. Of course there will be a post on this one and lots of pictures too!

Another first for the year is my first overseas trip. I went to Macau to see the Venetian Hotel and did a little side-shopping in HongKong. The good thing about this trip is that instead of the usual all expense paid trip courtesy of yours truly, this time I am the recipient of one. Sweet yeah? The trip lasted for 4 gloriously painful (to the feet) days. In fact, it ain’t over yet. I’m actually at the Hong Kong International airport typing this quick update.

I love the wifi here. PCCW provides the free WIFI to passengers. Not sure if the government of Hong Kong compensates the Li family for this but I’m almost positive this service is on the Li Ka Sheng house.

I should have a more interesting account of this trip in the coming days. In the meantime, stay cool, stay mobile, and keep on travelling them Philippine Islands!

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