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Canon EOS 7D


Meet Bruno, he’s my inanimate travelling companion and one of my most abused gadgets of all time.  He’s been loved, abandoned, lent, and discarded some more.  But after everything, he’s still here.  I bought this guy when his model (EOS 7D) just reached our shores.  Perhaps I was too trigger-happy then.  But who could blame me?  Back then, DSLR was all the rage.  And having no talent for drawing or music, all I can do was borrow from what’s already present in the world.  Hence, Bruno.  In hindsight, had I held out for just a few months, I could have saved a bundle.  But I didn’t care, the first time I saw the EOS 7D in all those YouTube videos, I was instantly floored.  Such machismo in one solid bundle.  Tch.

Since then, for a few months at least, we were inseparable.  Ants, flowers, people, cars.. I didn’t have a shred of pity as I mercilessly shot them (with my camera).  I couldn’t wait for long weekends so I can get out of Manila with Bruno and shoot some more.  I didn’t publish my photos except for some which I used for some humble bragging in my Facebook page.

Unfortunately, as time passes, a camera owner realizes what a huge money-pit a camera is.  You’ll want to have a flash for nighttime (or even in shady areas) shooting, then you start jonesing for various lenses (some even costlier than the camera itself).  Then there are all those crazy peripheral accessories.  The list of things one must have relative to one’s camera equipment is endless.  Maybe not so, but you know what I mean.

There is indeed a marked improvement in terms of photo quality when comparing the pictures taken by a DSLR as against some point-and-shoot digital cameras.  However, at some point one realizes the discomfort of lugging around a heavy gadget like a DSLR.  So I started taking Bruno out less and less; relying instead in the huge advancement in mobile phone camera technology.  Thus, for a period of time, Bruno was left and almost forgotten in his own camera bag.  I sort of settled into a routine that didn’t include shooting pictures.  Life does that.  And sometimes things that you thought were very important before, didn’t seem so significant in the present.

Fortunately, I somehow managed to get out of my stupor and had a sudden craving to start shooting things.  I took Bruno out from the storage room and was aghast to find that other creatures has made good use of Bruno’s hibernation.  I found ants, ANTS, inside his built in camera flash.  I peered into the viewfinder and noted molds within.  Alas, Bruno seems to be wasting away.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too late yet.  I shipped Bruno off to Canon’s service center and after getting slapped a hefty bill, Bruno was revived.

I really shouldn’t have taken something that has brought a lot of great memories, not only to me but to several people, for granted.  It’s not only irresponsible, but really costly too!

Now Brunu’s back, ready to once again capture photographs, and create memories.

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