Puerto Galera, Believe-It-Or-Not

The resort was average, it wasn’t even well maintained at that and moreover, it was full of Koreans– not that there’s anything wrong with Koreans visiting our islands, they’re good for our tourism industry.

Those in the resort we stayed in however weren’t there for the view. They were there to study english. Apparently, our reputation as the best english speakers (really?!) in the region has grown to such extent that they come here in droves just to be individually tutored. And I’m not talking about middle aged folks here, there were a lot of kids there and some teenagers as well. The owner of the resort said that some stay for a year just to learn the language. Imagine that. A full year of learning english. Staying. In. A. Beach. Resort. And they do nothing in the afternoons but play tennis and hit the swimming pool.

Enough with the envy.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took of the Muelle Port in Puerto Galera. If somebody showed this to me minus the bancas, I wouldn’t have believed that this is actually in Luzon. Pretty darn pretty I think.2011200600220112006001

Here’s a trivia; in this far off place, do you think people here follow English Football?

Hint: Look at the name of the banca. Lol.

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  • louraine Mar 24, 2009

    hehehe weee tenx for sharing i love beaches.

    hmm those koreans — sunking in envy lols. But not really that envy. Mati,
    Davao Oriental is far more to be envy of hahahha.. wait for my post about the placeeeeeeeeeee.. you’ll love to there.

    cheers.. :)

  • Mel Alarilla Mar 25, 2009

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  • Tagaytay Hotels Mar 26, 2009

    Really!? I am surprised that we our the best English speakers and Korean are going here, specifically in Pueerto Gallera to learn English from us. Well…

    I love beaches.

  • luxury holidays in Antigua Mar 27, 2009

    haha good old Manchester United, they are the most supported club in the world. Some nice looking pictures you’ve posted.

    I can’t believe that people get to just lounge around at a beach resort while learning English. I had to settle for a miserable classroom:)

  • carey @ happysteps Mar 27, 2009

    Learning English in a beach resort… that’s mixing education with leisure! 😀 We also have many Koreans here in Bacolod learning English though they have to settle for what the city has to offer instead of having an idyllic beach setting.

    BTW, the owner of that banca must be a die-hard Manchester United fan. :)

  • vhingF Apr 1, 2009

    hey…I believe you.I’m just more or less 150km drive from there

    nice! thank you.

    • admin Apr 6, 2009

      Hi Vhing. Thanks for visiting. :)

  • chubbymommy Aug 14, 2009

    Try Coco beach, its a bit far from white beach but its a private place you could enjoy

  • pinoytraveller Aug 14, 2009

    Hi Chubbymommy, I think I've been to that place as well. :)

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