Tinuy-an Falls Adventure

Weather permitting, I should be in Bislig, visiting the Tinuy-an falls next week. Actually, come hell or high water I will be visiting that place. Since I cannot afford to Nigara Falls in Canada, I will have to content myself with the local version. The good thing is, it’s not very touristy, something that we can thank to the stigma of Mindanao and the slow pace of progress in the area.

Again, this place is in Surigao Del Sur. I am so loving that province these days. Apart from the hidden treasures that few Filipinos have so far enjoyed, it’s actually very near my province which makes it doubly wonderful.

I am also thinking of visiting the waves of Siargao, that is if I still have my wits, and my finances. Knowing that I’ll be going with my elves again, things are bound to get crazy, food wise. This time around, I hope to be able to taste something exotic from that province. Fresh seafood can be had everywhere. I want something that’s strange sounding and totally unique to the area like a grilled dragon or crocodile soup. Hmm.. I wonder if they have those.

Oh well, enough with the foodie thoughts.

photo lifted from www.lh5.ggpht.com

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  • Eddie Garcia Aug 13, 2009

    You are blessed to have such beautiful sites to visit in your country. These Falls look a lot more inviting than Niagra Falls and a lot less dangerous. Hope you can get you some of that exotic cuisine you are wanting to try. If so, let me know how the dragon tastes. Have a great time and be safe my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  • pinoytraveller Aug 14, 2009

    Hi Eddie, I think compared to the Niagara, this one's a midget. :)

  • One_Sassy_Girl Aug 14, 2009

    Wow, that looks amazing. Color me jealous!

  • Niharika Aug 14, 2009

    Hi there !! I love travelling too :) Yes, for someone who likes to travel…here can be no hurdles !!

    I would definitely like to come to your country sometime :). Next time, can you tr adding bigger and more pictures so that people like us can have an idea of what the place is like ?

    Short and sweet post !!

  • fiskeri Aug 15, 2009

    Wow! That was a beautiful waterfall. Although they are niosy it gives peace to mind beeing close to them.

  • baterya Aug 20, 2009

    astig naman talaga… I followed you on twit. grabeh bat ang lalayo ng magagandang lugar hahahahah… dito sa rizal meron din falls pero gusto ko yung parang untouch masayado na kasi nabalahura mga falls dito sa min heheheh..nice i like it… thumbs up

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