Travelling Overseas

Although this blog is solely dedicated to Philippine destinations that are usually off the beaten track, I do dream of travelling overseas as well. I think unconsciously this has been the central theme of my existence. Most of my work I’ve carefully chosen to have some sort of travel involved whether domestic or international.

When I started out with my corporate career (why does this sound evil?), I did a lot of domestic travelling as an internal/external auditor. It’s just sad that blogging was unheard of those days. I could have filled pages with my travelling tales then. Although I did maintain a journal that’s still in existence until now.

After that phase of my career was over, I went on to better and farther things. My next work required travel in the Southeast Asian Region, again blogging was still at its infancy and even if it was in full swing, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with a travel blog; a food blog maybe because I made it my mission to really pig-out in the exotic places I went to. I ate bakuteh (pork soup with wintermelon) in KL (with folks sincerely asking whether I’m muslim first before serving me the scalding broth), noodles in squid ink in HK, some worms in Bangkok, and fish head curry in Singapore. I think I gained more pounds than experience in those travels.

Currently I’m in a work environment that could potentially take me to North America and Europe. It has yet to happen but I am hopeful that it will or it will be very sad. Lol. Still I’m saving some cash for that eventual Caribbean Tour that I’ve been dreaming about for ages. Or even a roadtrip all over the US states. Can’t blame me for that, it’s Hollywood’s fault. In fact I’m already on the lookout for really good vacation tour providers. You know, just in case. So far, I’ve already found one. Sundance Travel Agency looks really promising. I still have to really check out their offerings though, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I really like their focus on customer satisfaction, something that most travel agencies I’ve dealt with seem to lack.

In the meantime, since I still don’t have enough savings yet, I guess I’ll just keep working and hoping that I’ll be sent out on an assignment to Europe really soon.

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  • Mandino Jul 8, 2009

    Yes, I think traveling while blogging or blogging while traveling or even in the process of traveling is really cool. You could try backpack traveling and in too :)

  • Nashua Movers Jul 9, 2009

    A roadtrip across the U.S. is definitely a worthwhile thing to do if you have the time. There are many interesting things to do and see. I have driven through many of the states but I have never had enough free time to go coast to coast. It would be very interesting though.

  • Dual Sim Phones Jan 19, 2010

    nice post

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